Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

International BioEPR School-Conference 2020

Dear Colleagues!

We cordially invite graduate and postdoctoral students to participate in the International  BioEPR School-Conference 2020 which will be held in Novosibirsk (Akademgorodok) on 28 June – 03 July, 2020.

The BioEPR School-Conference will introduce students in EPR spectroscopy, biochemistry and biology to the interdisciplinary area of BioEPR. In classes and selected practicums students learn to apply and interpret EPR spectroscopy in biological research. Akademgorodok is the world-famous scientific and educational center. The unique atmosphere of research and development of the Akademgorodok is created by its over 30 scientific research institutes and Novosibirsk State University, all located in pristine natural surroundings.

1. Mark Tseytlin - Rapid-scan EPR (USA)

2. Thomas  Prisner - Dipolar EPR spectroscopy with broadband MW pulses. Applications to nucleic acid molecules (Germany)

3. Gunnar Jeschke - Using distance distribution information for structural characterization of partially or fully disordered proteins (Switzerland)

4. Boris Dzikovski - EPR instrumentation: experiments, frequencies, timescales (USA)

5. Martina Huber- Spin label EPR (Netherlands)

6. Valery Khramtsov - Multifunctional EPR profiling of chemical tumor microenvironment (USA)

7. Olav Schiemann - Nitroxides and trityls as spin labels (Germany)

8. Maxim Yulikov - EPR techniques to study protein-RNA interactions (Switzerland)

9. Sergey Dzuba - EPR for membrane proteins (Russia)

10. Snorri Sigurdsson - Spin labeling of biopolymers (Iceland)

11. Michael.Bowman – ESEEM spectroscopy (USA)

12. Marina Bennati - ENDOR spectroscopy (Germany)

13. Jiangfeng Du – Single-molecule electron spin resonance spectroscopy in aqueous solutions (China)

14. Kev M. Salikhov - New paradigm of spin exchange (Russia)

15. Kazuhiro Ichikawa - Overhauser-enhanced MRI for biomedical applications (Japan)

In addition to lectures, there will be following practicums: spin labeling, CW EPR, pulse EPR, EPR imaging, distance measurements, data analysis.

 Students will present also short talks and posters. A number of student stipends will be distributed on the basis of the abstracts submitted by students. The list of students awarded will be known not later than 10 April.

 To learn more about school please go to the website