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Web page for iRelax programm

Welcome to the iRelax home page. 


iRelax package was designed for quick simulation of many NMR experiments for arbitrarily coupled spin systems (up to 14 spins can be calculated). The program has user friendly front panel and can be used without need of extra programming. Please feel free to ask us to add extra simulation routings to the package. Advanced users can do it by your own. 


1. 1D NMR spectrum
2. Relaxation
3. Coherent evolution    

Download, Unpack and Start:

The most recent version is available For app use you are required to install Matlab and do as follows:

1. Unpack iRelax-rar file.

2. Start iRelax.m          

Note!: iRelax GUI interface works properly only with Matlab earlier then 2014a (including 2014a). In higher versions of Matlab GUI of iRelax is very slow.

We are trying to solve this problem.


iRelax is designed and created by Andrey Pravdivtsev in 2017. In any circumstances feel free to contact me via email:  

                                                                             last update 2017.12.21