Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences


1) RSF grant No 17-13-01412. Development of new methods for studying and manipulating the spin states of single-molecule magnets using far-IR range laser radiation. 2017-2019.

2) RFBR grant No 17-33-80025. Development of approaches for controlling the spin state of the Cu(hfac)2LPr magnetoactive complex by monochromatic terahertz radiation (~ 30 THz) generated by a free electron laser. 2017-2018.

3) Grant of the President of Russian Federation No МК-3597.2017.3. Investigation of the photoswitching of magnetoactive compounds Cu(hfac)2LR by monochromatic radiation of the mid-IR range using EPR and FTIR spectroscopy. 2017-2018.

4) RFBR grant No16-33-50030 mol_nr. Investigation of high-spin cobalt(II) complexes with large zero field splitting by EPR spectroscopy and resonance excitation of magnetodipole transitions by FEL radiation. March-April 2016.

5) RFBR grant No15-33-50468 mol_nr. Investigation of spin-phonon and electron-phonon interaction in the magnetoactive compounds by EPR spectroscopy and resonance pumping of phonon modes by FEL radiation. October-November 2015.

6) RFBR grant No15-03-07640 а. FTIR and EPR investigation of metastable states of photoswitchable molecular magnets Cu(hfac)2LR using advanced laser systems of near-IR and visible ranges. 2015-2017.

7) Grant of the President of Russian Federation for the young PhD researcher support No МК-3241.2014.3. Investigation of the photoswitchable molecular magnets Cu(hfac)2LR by EPR and FTIR spectroscopy with the application of the advanced laser systems. 2014-2015.

8) RFBR grant No 12-03-31396 mol_а. Time-resolved EPR study of relaxation processes of photoinduced metastable spin state in molecular magnets Cu(hfac)2LR influenced by pulsed terahertz radiation. 2012-2013.

9) Grant of the President of Russian Federation for the young PhD researcher support No МК-1662.2012.3. Design of new thermo - photoswitchable magnetic nanomaterials and their studying by the FTIR and EPR spectroscopies. 2012-2013.