Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

Key Achievements

The main directions of scientific activities of the ITC SB RAS are:

- theory of chemical bond, reactivity of chemical compounds, mechanisms of chemical reactions, proteomics and metabolomics;

- magnetic phenomena in chemistry, biology and medicine; design of molecular magnets and magnetically active compounds;

- magnetic resonance spectroscopy, hyperpolarization, MRI for physicochemical and biomedical applications and medical diagnostics, including combination of MRI with other diagnostic methods.


The representative achievements of scientists from ITC include:

- development and applications of various experimental magnetic resonance techniques based on chemically-induced spin polarization and parahydrogen-induced polarization;

- theory of spin polarization, in particular of the SABRE method;

- design and studies of thermo/photo/pressure-switchable molecular magnets based on copper(II) complexes with stable nitroxide radicals;

- MRI developments using hyperpolarized gases;

- MRI methodology for prenatal diagnostics and various liquor dynamics studies;

- various contributions in field of photochemistry and metabolomics.