Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

Main achievements

An original algorithm and technique of breast, fetal and infant MRI was investigated. As a result of the doctoral-degree thesis she obtained the new quantitative data of cerebrospinal fluid spaces of the fetus under normal and various brain pathologies, the comparative analysis of the ultrasound effectiveness in the prenatal diagnosis of fetal median structures brain pathology was made on the basis of conventional and cine-MRI. Quantitative features of dynamic contrast breast MRI in various benign and malignant tumors were identified. The first data about the gestational features of the different brain structures maturation in fetuses and young children was made on the basis of DWI. She examined the MRI possibility in the diagnosis of cerebral stroke in the fetus. Тhe new method of rapid in vivo mapping of macromolecular proton fraction (MPF) of human fetal brain was implemented and optimized for quantifying myelination during fetal development. She obtained the first quantitative data on the prenatal ultrasound effectiveness in the diagnosis of concomitant ventriculomegaly brain pathology. The capabilities of MRS in the differential diagnosis of various brain tumors (based on metabolic characteristics of their internal structure), as well as in metabolic characteristics of the brain white matter in drug-dependent patients are in progress study. The pilot results of Resting State fMRI in determining of some neuropsychological disorders and genetic abnormalities in children are analyzed.